Big Adventures in a Small World


Cusco, Peru.  We made it.

Ryan in Miami International

Ryan and I made it after a marathon of flights and we are now settled into our hotel in Cusco.   We knew we had made the right decision when on the flight from Miami to Lima, we awoke to sunlight peeking through the window of the plane.  I slid the window up and all we could see were the highest, snowcapped peaks of the Andes Mountains.

First Sight of Andes

After a quick siesta, we woke to one of the strongest downpours I have ever whitnessed.  It was a good ol’ mountain screamer with lightning, claps of thunder, and buckets of water.  We tried to wait it out, but it got to be late and we were starving so we ventured out.  We got to street level to find inches of water flowing down the steep streets.  It was honestly incredible.

Religious Parade

This morning we woke bright and early, too early, and made our way out into the town of Cusco, which we had not explored yet because of the downpour. We ended up exploring churches, side alleyways, and hidden lookout points.  We bargained with children and old women for everything from pictures with alpacas to finger puppets.  The town was alive today and we had a great time walking, sitting, relaxing, and experiencing.  We even stumbled upon a festival with 30 teenage boys carrying a religious statue with a full brass band in tow.

Cusco, Plaza del Armas

Today has been incredible and we are looking forward to moving into the hostel tomorrow and begin working for Aldea Yanapay – a children’s school here in Cusco.  Check it out here:

More Pictures!

Hasta Luego!
-Jack & Ryan

Current Location: Cusco, Peru



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5 thoughts on “Hola

  1. Papa Gray on said:

    The Grand Adventure has now begun.
    Discover, immerse, enjoy.

  2. 1. Jack send me stuff @ gmail not work mail – you know I don’t read that shit!
    2. I’m very angry that you shaved that beautiful head of hair of yours! What did you do with it? I hope you gave it to locks for love or something – that or some bald dude who longs to have long flowing locks that have the volume of Mitt Romney’s, the shimmer of Julia Roberts and that attitude of Rhianna!
    3. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!! I just spent like 4 days in Ada and I don’t know how much more I can take!

    Safe travels my friend – and scuff up those new kicks a bit – you look like you are from Grosse Point or something!

  3. All I can say is, here we go… have fun, don’t hesitate, and savor each moment!!!!!!! Love you guys

  4. Denise on said:

    Love the energy- enjoy and God speed.
    Mom and Dad

  5. Beth Rentschler on said:

    So great to see your smiling faces!!!
    We are in Thailand on holiday and can’t wait to welcome you at our house in Shanghai.
    Enjoy the ride!
    Love, Aunt Beth, Pete and Grace

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