Big Adventures in a Small World


“Don’t forget your sunblock!”

Those were the wise words of Mrs. Gorman before we stepped out of the car and made our way down to Bondi beach outside of Sydney.  Those wise words would have saved us quite a lot of pain and embarrassment, but you live and you learn.  We can now say that we have some of the worst sunburns of our entire lives.  Ryan’s legs are strangely purple and Jack’s chest is a nice, deep red.  Wise words.

We arrived from Fiji into Sydney and made our way to the harbor.  Stepping off the train we saw something that we had not seen in quite some time – the sun.  We open our eyes and beautiful Sydney appears before us.  Not only have the pictures not done Sydney justice for her beauty, but they gave little to portray her life.  We began to explore, albeit with our enormous backpacks, around an area called The Rocks and find a nice pub to sit down and have lunch.  We grab some great Irish beers, get some fish and chips, and cheers to the next step in the adventure.


Over the next few days, we are graciously hosted by family friends, the Gormans, from Grosse Pointe who have been living in Australia for quite some time.  They royally put us up.  They gave us tips for where to go, what to do, and what *not to say.  They even told us that “the sun down here is a bit different boys, don’t forget your sunblock!”  We end up having wonderful fish meals, taking ferries criss-crossing the harbor, exploring downtown Sydney, going to the Australian maritime museum, and enjoying the surf at famous Bondi beach.  This final day of surf and fun was absolutely spectacular – bright sunshine, huge waves, and fresh sea air.  We were in heaven.  It was only afterwards when we started feeling the affects of the lack of sunscreen.  Within 3 hours of getting home, we were absolutely bright red and hurting.  7 hours after that, we were doing our best to get some sleep in between healthy applications of aloe.

Yea that little comment about the sunshine was dead-on.

Current Location: Sydney, Australia

Sydney Harbor

Australian Maritime Museum


Bondi Beach


Bondi Beach

Sunburn - Day 0

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2 thoughts on “Sydney

  1. Abbe Eaton on said:

    Yes the sun is different down under – there is a hole in the ozone! Love love LOVE Australia !!!

  2. Ryan Payne on said:

    I feel your pain… Terry made me go on a 5 mile walk in the middle of Feb. 2009. I spent the next two days in bed and had a line on my neck, where I was burned, for two years!

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