Big Adventures in a Small World

Who We Are

We are Ryan Deane and Jack Gray.


Ryan is known throughout the northern regions of Greenland for his hoola-hooping prowess.  He can look at the sky and know the weather for the next week.  He can change a baby’s dirty diaper in 3 seconds.  He is a connoisseur of fine Turkish cheeses.  Ryan prides himself on his ability to dance flamenco and has never had a bad day in his life.


Jack is fluent in 10 languages, including ancient Mayan sign language.  He has been said to have the voice of an angel and the agility of a hummingbird.  He is an elite candlemaker.  He breeds guinea-pigs and decides when the sun rises and sets.  Jack enjoys feasting and has the ability to make anyone smile.

Jack & Ryan on Isle Royale


4 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Jamie Solomon on said:

    I love it.

  2. Chris Hartley on said:

    What are you two up to? Can I help?

  3. Al Dickerson on said:

    Jack, as far as agility of a hummingbird, perhaps this condensed adventure will take you to your next step – where I’m at…agility of a hummingbird in heat – – -Al, PKP

  4. This is it! Dare to live the life you imagine! Congratulations on honoring your dreams and your hearts’ desires….this is walking on holy ground.

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